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A great web site is no accident.It takes thoughtful Planning and Creative Thinking.

Corporate Training

WebE-com gives Project Oriented Corporate Training for the Best Institutes of India and Employees of Corporate Sector in their company/ Institutes . Because of the concentrated effort of our developer and designers team, we have developed an instructionally sound and industry oriented course catering to industry trends and learning behaviour of different individuals.

1. Web Module

Module I
How to browse, send e-mail and chat. Basic Programming . OOPS Concept using C++.

Module II
Knowledge of Module I is prerequisite

HTML Theory & Frontends :
Theory of tags. Frontends- Microsoft Frontpage, Netscape editor and Dream Weaver. Dreamweaver is most professional front end as on date.

JAVA Script :
Create dynamic images, advertisements, form validation,forms processing, save cookies, creating image maps, with lots of other practical examples.

Use CSS and Layers to make your pages more dynamic.

Internet Multimedia
Using photoshop for image editing, Creating animations using GIF animator and macromedia flash.

Project I :
Create a web page with frames having image, maps, dyanamic button,also using CSS and layers , using form with client side validation and calculations.

Module III

Knowledge of module I and module II is prerequisite

ASP/ ASP.Net with SQL,VB Script, Active X :
Active server objects,using Active X control in pages, dyanamic pages and ADO, Advance data controls, client Server business objects.Using Interdev as frontend.

Perl language, SSI, HTML on fly, creating and saving new HTML files, handling databases, cookies,Shoping carts, on line greeting cards, voting booths as detailed case studies.

Project II:

Create online Greeting card/Virtual Shops/ voting booth using CGI-Perl/ ASP.
Module IV

Knowledge of OOPS concepts and HTML is prerequisite

.NET Technology

Basic concepts, multithreading, Exception handling, Swing Programming, AWT, Applet security, RMI,Java servlets, Java beans, JDBC technology for data bases.

Project III :
Handling of Databases using JDBC/ technology for the database interaction.
2. Application Module

Knowledge of Basic Computer Fundamentals is prerequisite.

MicroSoft Technology ( As per requirement )

C, C++, Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.Net, SQL Server.

Oracle, Unix, Linex, & Latest technology As per requirement of Client.

Project : Handling of Databases for the database interaction.
A great web site is no accident.It takes thoughtful Planning and Creative Thinking.
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