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A great web site is no accident.It takes thoughtful Planning and Creative Thinking.

Web Hosting

WebE-Com Technologies has installed chain of state-of-the-art web servers in USA for hosting of public web sites. The servers are supported with extremely fast connections and backbone. The servers are available for web hosting to individual clients as well as to our associates and ' Resellers ’ network all over India. WEBe-COM is considered as trendsetters in the area of web hosting. It has offered some first time in India features and services on their servers along with competitive rates for their clients, associates and resellers.

Web Server Features :
Quad / Dual processor ultra high speed multi-homed servers
High speed OC - 12 and T3 connections
Custom CGI script support via own cgi-bin directory
POP3 and SMTP server
Unlimited Domain name capabilities
Create any number of POP mail account
Create any number of FTP account
Create any number of databases
E-mail forwarding options, E-mail auto responders
UPS power backup, Daily tape backups
Detailed web usage statistics
Real Audio / Video capabilities
Access to raw log files
365/24/7 access to your account , 365/24/7 technical support
99 % Guaranteed uptime , Unlimited hits
Anonymous FTP , Multimedia support , E-commerce capabilities
SSL Secure Server
MSQL / MySQL database support (Linux ),
PHP / PHP3 support (Linux)
JSP / Java Servlets (Linux )
Microsoft Access (NT), Cold Fusion (NT)
ASP support(NT) , SQL Server (NT)

>> Dedicated servers available on special request.

Website/Portal Design and Development :
WebE-Com Technologies possesses the very special status in this area. Their creative web designers and developers have crafted some of the prize winner portals and websites in India. Their client account ranges from Multinational Companies to Government departments and NGOs.

B2B, B2C & E-Commerce Solutions :
AgainWebE-Com Technologies has out performed their competition in this area. We develop internet websites with B2B/ B2C & E-Commerce options as per requirements of the clients.

Resellers :
WebE-Com Technologies offers excellent resale packages for their associates and resellers for the Web Services offered by them.

Web space on their NT and Linux servers in USA at attractive prices.
Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers for high volume business seekers.

A great web site is no accident.It takes thoughtful Planning and Creative Thinking.
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